About Nicolas

Argentine-born composer and violinist, Nicolas Repetto, started his musical career as an orchestral violinist, middle school orchestra teacher, and finally arriving to his passion of composing music for film, television and multimedia while collaborating with a diverse group of amazing and wonderful filmmakers from all over the world.

He is known for writing in a dark/fantasy orchestral style accented by including his own violin performance style as well as collaborating with other solo musicians for a more intimate approach.

Upcoming film scores and projects composed by Nicolas for 2019 include the digital release the EDM-based soundtrack of Angel of Anywhere on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital retailers, Tijuana which premiered at the SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City, UT., the upcoming fantasy feature film Empire Queen: The Golden Age of Magic, and the sci-fi drama film, Osiris. Nicolas also had the great opportunity to conduct a 60-piece orchestra at 21st Century Fox under the tutelage of acclaimed composer Richard Bellis (“It”).

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OJ: MADE IN AMERICA (Musician: violin)
NEWTON’S GRACE, Directed by John Jackman
THE CHRISTMAS GIFT  (additional programmer/orchestrator)
H4 (Zelko Cut), Directed by Paul Quinn
(Post-Production Superivsor: Giovanni Zelko)
DESIRES OF THE HEART, Directed by James Kicklighter
GRAY, Directed by Michael R. Santana
ODE IN BLOOD, Directed by Rea Rangaka
IMAGINATION THIEF, Directed by the Jemely & Jeremy Jayme
REACH ME (orchestration, score prep)


DIGITAL EDITION, Directed by James Kicklighter
A FEW THINGS ABOUT CANCER, Directed by James Kicklighter


TIJUANA, Directed by Mary-Lyn Chambers
WEEKLONG WEEKEND, Directed by Maciej Kubrak
BONDED, Directed by Tim Martin Gleason
CATFIGHT, Directed by Rafael Malaret
ANGEL OF ANYWHERE, Directed by James Kicklighter
COYOTE, Directed by Mark Grabianowski
THE PLURAL OF BLOOD, Directed by Mary-Lyn Chambers
UNDER THE UNDERGROUND, Directed by Michael R. Santana
WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS, Directed by Cameron Dingwall
Directed by Miranda Russo
DEBRIS (Escombros),
Directed by Mary-Lyn Chambers
Directed by Mark Grabianowski
Directed by Sam Shaib
THE GRAY SOFA, Directed by Mercedes San Roman
AT THE OUTSET, Directed by Sam Shaib
818, Directed by Dylanger Bates
Directed by Sam Shaib

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