About Nicolas

Argentine-born composer and violinist, Nicolas Repetto, enjoys an active career in the Los Angeles film music community. Nicolas fuses ideas using orchestral and exotic instruments, creative processing, and electronic techniques to create edgy, dramatic, and, most importantly, memorable music for all his clients.

Most recently, Nicolas was selected to participate in the 2016 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis (composer for Stephen King’s IT) where 12 composer participants are selected among 300 applicants, to study among A-List composers such as Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, John Powell, among others, as well as with film music agents, music executives and film music industry leaders.

Nicolas also composed music for Debris (Escombros) for director Mary-Lyn Chambers which screened at the 2016 Festival de Cannes as part of the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase. Other select film credits include the award-winning films Can’t, For Family’s Sake, and Ode In Blood (which was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award and won a Global Music Award). Nicolas was also selected for the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival where musicians from the Helix Collective performed Nicolas’ original score to Miranda.

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NEWTON’S GRACE, Directed by John Jackman
DESIRES OF THE HEART, Directed by James Kicklighter
GRAY, Directed by Michael R. Santana
ODE IN BLOOD, Directed by Rea Rangaka
IMAGINATION THIEF, Directed by the Jemely & Jeremy Jayme
REACH ME (orchestration, score prep)


DIGITAL EDITION, Directed by James Kicklighter
A FEW THINGS ABOUT CANCER, Directed by James Kicklighter


WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS, Directed by Cameron Dingwall

THE BETTER SISTER, Directed by Miranda Russo
DEBRIS (Escombros), Directed by Mary-Lyn Chambers
MESSIAH, Directed by Mark Grabianowski
STACY’S BEST DAY EVER!, Directed by Sam Shaib
THE GRAY SOFA, Directed by Mercedes San Roman
AT THE OUTSET, Directed by Sam Shaib
818, Directed by Dylanger Bates
FOR FAMILY’S SAKE, Directed by Sam Shaib

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