Concert Music

MusicHere you will find the latest concert music, composed and/or arranged by Nicolas Repetto, and is available for immediate performance and licensing.  Please feel free to browse the score and listen to a recording of the work by clicking on the play button.  More works will be added in the coming weeks.

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If you have premiered a work or have an upcoming performance, please let us know of your performance date, location, and the work performed via email. For inquiries regarding commissioning a concert work, or if you would like more information on score and part pricing, please use the contact page to get in touch.

RUNNING SPIRIT for Full Orchestra

This programmatic work is an emotional journey depicting the life of a noble horse named Running Spirit. He begins his life as a boisterous young colt and goes on to enjoy an elaborate career as a racehorse before retiring at this owner’s stable estate. With a wide variety of textures and solo opportunities, Running Spirit is great for grade level III and above orchestras.

FIRESTARTER for string orchestra

Firestarter is a work that is based on humankind’s fascination with fire.  Like the piercing hot flames of a fire, young musicians should be encouraged to perform this piece with a strong, and fiery tone.  

The piece is constructed using a rhythmic canon that only uses quarter and half notes.  It might be helpful to clap out these rhythms and/or “shadow bow” the rhythms in order for the students to feel at ease with the moving lines, especially when there is a repeated bowing pattern (see m. 21 and mm. 31-34).

The melody stays within the D Major scale and there is very little string crossing with a few exceptions in the lower strings.  Encourage your students to follow the contour of the lines to create musicality and phrasing whenever possible.

In addition to the string parts, there is an optional Taiko/Bass Drum and Suspended Cymbal part for added interest and to create an even more fiery “tribal” experience.

DANSE DIABOLIQUE for string orchestra

Danse Diabolique was born out of a love for syncopated music that makes one move and dance. The syncopated, driving rhythms are contrasted by lyrical lines played in the violin and viola sections. A rhythmic motive initiated by the viola and cello sections starts the diabolical journey of dance and lyricism. A contrasting lyrical B section, in 6/8, almost waltz-like, shows a softer side of this dance journey.

Various tango elements are also found in this piece such as special effects like the glissandi in the cello section, and the chicharra played by the first violins. The chicharra should be played behind the bridge on the D string and very close to the tailpiece – this sound imitates the chicharra or cricket!

DARK SUSPICION for string orchestra

Dark Suspicion is an original work inspired by the movies Alfred Hitchcock and his composer, Bernard Herrmann.  It begins with a sharp, and tense introduction started by the second violins and violas while the first violins and celli/bassi snap pizzicato.  The motif centers around the interval of a minor second throughout the tense beginning.  The energy increases throughout until we reach a point of repose while the solo violin plays its line accompanied by the rest of the strings.  The frenetic ending returns us to a point of resolution.

VIOLINTOLOGY I for four violins

Violintology I is one in a series of three concert works for violin quartet. In this first piece, the mood is joyous, exciting, and energetic. The piece also explores various performance effects such as pizzicati, harmonics, double stops, and sautille bowing, among others, while the main theme is experienced by each player in a slightly different way.

LA CUMPARSITA, arr. for string quartet

“La cumparsita” is a tango written in 1916 by the Uruguayan musician Gerardo Matos Rodríguez, with lyrics by Pascual Contursi and Enrique Pedro Maroni. It is among the most famous and recognizable tangos of all time.  In this arrangement, the feel and aesthetics of the original tango is present in addition to adding various tango playing techniques such as the chicharra (play behind bridge), and the latigo (the whip) to create a sense of energy and freshness.


GABRIEL’S OBOE (from “The Mission”) for Chamber Orchestra, arr. by Nicolas Repetto

Award-winning composer Ennio Morricone has provided Hollywood with some monumental film scores, including the engaging music from The Mission. This beautiful and flexible setting for soloist and chamber orchestra features the main theme from Gabriel’s Oboe plus the B section for variety.